A Vintage Affair - Antique Buttons


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A Vintage Affair - Antique ButtonsThis is an elegant and nostalgic collection of jewellery featuring antique mother of pearl buttons around one hundred years old.

Each vintage button is carefully selected for its beautiful iridescent shine or delicately carved pattern. Using vintage buttons means that each time a design is made it is always unique. Designs are hand embroidered with fine silver wire and finished with tiny glass beads, and perhaps a freshwater pearl or mother of pearl drop to add movement and subtle sparkle.

The jewellery is finished with sterling silver chains and ear fittings making this jewellery something you can wear again and again beyond your wedding day and pass on as an heirloom.

"Something old.... something new...."

If you have a collection of your grandmother's buttons, these can be incoporated into a design for you, along with any heirloom lace that you have. Get in touch to discuss a bespoke design.