Judith Brown Jewellery takes you on an epic journey of romance and style. Embracing the finery of life and adding the skills nurtured in bygone years. Designer Judith Brown, is an expert in her field and creates elegant designs that produce stunning collections, and special one off pieces for the wearer.

“Those subtle finishing touches make such a statement”

Judith is passionate about learning and developing new techniques, learning to tat, which is a traditional lacemaking technique, has been her latest obsession. Her attention to detail belies her background with her degree in Embroidery. The hunter/gatherer of the fashion world, Judith Brown finds joy in creating from found objects and taking inspiration from the past. Every collection created has an element of ‘time standing still’ bringing out the romance and beauty in any occasion from a wedding to a night or day of memories…..

“My jewellery box reveals a hundred stories, eluding to a time gone by and creating new memories every time”

Enjoy the world of Judith Brown and make memories from the jewellery you wear…….

Judith Brown in the studio